Rose on a Summer's Day

Domaine de Cala Classic Rose 2017, $15.95

Domaine de Cala Prestige Rose 2017, $25.95

From the Provence region of southern France, this is the real thing, the original dry, crisp wine from France made from red grapes that is currently enjoying a renaissance in the United States.  Definitely not to be confused with the sweet-ish White Zinfandel, an American invention, also very popular. 

These two wines are in the classic French style, light and delicate in color, aromas of flowers and stone fruit, deeper tastes of fruits, and subtle spice at the end.   The Prestige rose is a bit darker in color and correspondingly deeper in flavor.

Perfect with spring/summer dishes and simple picnics. 

Available throughout the U.S., including all Whole Foods markets in Southern California.